When everything’s uprooted

If you have been following these posts, you know that the past 6 months of my life have been pretty crazy. Even more so the past month, I have moved to a new state, a new city, started a new job, got my hours cut at that new job, and have been looking for another job since then.

So the other day I had some time to go hiking in one of the nearby nature parks, it was a beautiful day, the sun was out, the snow was melting, it was quiet and I was able to just walk and snap a few shots.

I came across this tree that had fallen and been completely uprooted. I hiked up to it as it was slightly off the path. I took some time to study it, to think about it and what happened to bring it to this point. I looked at the cut end of the stump and just marveled at the number of rings that were there. I can’t even begin to contemplate the history that each ring represents. Each one a growth year, each one containing events from a time now passed.

I wonder what my life will look like when people exam the “rings”? Right now I have such an opportunity to trust God with everything, job, wedding, finances, rent, health… despite being uprooted. I know that He is moving me and I am being replanted into a new soil.

I’m so excited about all the changes and ready to continue to embrace the future that God has for me here.


Reflecting on the year past

It’s December, and soon 2009 will come to an end.  I can’t believe how fast time goes by, I mean it seems like just a few days ago I was standing in Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czech Republic dodging all of the fireworks people are shooting off.  Now here I am 11 months later and as the year closes it’s nice to slow down and reflect.

This year has been a big year for me, I started this year in Prague, I was living in Moscow, Russia when the year began. I got to go on several photojournalism trips to remote places in Siberia, Russia and so much more.  I can’t even begin to think about all that I have been blessed with this year without thinking of one of my biggest blessings.  I got engaged this year to a lovely young lady.  God has truly blessed me.

I love taking time to reflect and remember. I think of the difficult times of transition as I moved back to the United States from Moscow.  This was a big transition as I had been out of American culture for over 2 years.  I began to hear and see things in life here that didn’t make sense because I was so far removed from everything. I was shocked at how strange it was to hear everyone speaking English. I have had to learn how to transisiton from being a single guy to a “fiance” and soon to be “husband”.

I’m excited to see what the future holds in 2010, I will be getting married, going back to school to get my masters degree, and moving to a new state.  Many changes await for me in this coming year, and I can’t wait to see how God is going to bring me through all of them.

Isn’t it great to just stop and reflect on what God has brought about in your life over the past year!