life’s intersections

Life is full of many intersections and crossroads. I’m facing one of those right now. I recently moved back to the U.S. from Russia, I’m moving to a new state where I have never lived before, I’m trying to find a job in an economy that is struggling. I am facing many intersections in my life.

Intersections bring us to a place where we have the opportunity to make a choice. We can continue on the path that we are on or we can follow the diverging intersecting path. Many times we don’t know where either path will lead, we may think we know where we are going, but the reality is that in the presence of an intersection we are facing the possibility of two unknowns.

Despite the uncertainties of intersections, I find them refreshing. It’s an opportunity to stop and think about where I’m heading. A time to stop and seek Gods direction in my life to know that I am heading in the direction that He is leading me.

We will always face intersections, they are a reality of our lives. It is a unique opportunity that we have to look both ways and begin an adventure!