lighting the night at christmas

For many years people have been using brightening up the darkenss of the winter months by decorating the streets of their cities with festive lights. Everything from Candles and gas lamps to present day “Christmas lights” have been used.

After living in Russia for some time, I began to understand even more the joy of having these decorative lights through the winter months. Moscow would light up at night, and despite getting dark at 4pm the streets would shine and bring new life to the cold nights.

I remember growing up going out and decorating the front of the house with Christmas lights, the vast array of colors providing a certain feeling inside that just made you feel good. Then there was driving around to look at other people’s light displays. There is so much association between lights and the Christmas holiday, it has become something of much anticipation.


Beautiful Florida

This week I had the opportunity to travel to Bok Tower in central Florida. This is an area of beautiful gardens and trails that all draw your focus to the central Carillon tower.  The garden fills with the music of the European Carillon bells as they play for 30mins every hour.  The concert adds to the beautiful area that you are immersed in.  I would recommend this trip to anyone for a day trip to a beautiful retreat in central Florida.