Cultivating a work culture

ceo portraitHave you ever woken up in the morning and thought, “I really don’t want to go to work today”? Who hasn’t, I mean really. It is such a common statement, but what if it didn’t have to be that way?

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot for the CEO of a company being profiled in a national publication. As I talked with him about the company, he explained that their top priority is to create a work culture that is focused on family and on people wanting to come to work. He explained how this is a non-negotiable,

“we are trying to create a work culture where the day that you retire you can look back and say your life was better off because they were a part of [the] family.”

This got me thinking, what would it be like to work for that kind of person?

As I sat in his office, going over the publication’s image brief, I realized that he was calling different stores in his company talking with the managers, encouraging them and listening to them as they shared about what is going on in their stores. He was involved and caring. It took me back, listening to how he was intentional with his employees. I couldn’t help but think of employers I have worked for who were far different from this.

Many times, employers seem to approach work from the view of tough love. There is little encouragement and most of the time the only communication you receive is about something you have done wrong. But listening to this man talk to his employees made me realize that it doesn’t have to be that way. Going back to his statement about their work culture, I can see how this is a tangible reality in this company. They not only speak these words, but they make them happen.

“What if…” is a powerful statement. What if we changed our environment to be encouraging while challenging? What if we lifted each other up, challenging each other to higher things? What if we put ourselves in the background and others in the foreground?

What if…


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