Unexpected adventures

Why is it that whenever things are really falling in line something always goes awry? Yesterday was a day for that big hiccup. Every trip seems to have one and they aren’t always that big of a deal. This one was threatening to put a big dent in my work flow for production.

I spent the morning yesterday walking all around Prague, Cz. getting some b-roll for a video I’m working on for this project. I came home and started to edit, with the plans of going back out in the afternoon to capture some stills. When I started to dump the files, I was shooting on a JVC xdcam and having the ease to just dump the files (this eliminates the “capture” time because you are just transfering the .mov files to your scratch disc=much faster work flow) is great, except that the software I was using didn’t want to recognize the footage.

This led to an afternoon sitting in front of my computer rather than out shooting. I called a friend on a media team here in Prague and he came over and we both spent the afternoon working on this glitch. After a few hours we had worked out a patch and it was time to head out and get stills while there was still daylight. Instead of capturing stills though, we sat in Wenceslas Square as I processed everything to Natalie and tried to come up with a way to make all of this work. A quick side note, my wife is a great listener and she is also a great sounding board for ideas.

After dinner with some friends, we got back late and I put a few things together to test everything and make sure we were on track for starting (the rest of the team gets here today and the project gets started). Everything worked and I was able to get to bed about 1am. Hiccups happen, but God provides through them.

Looking forward to meeting up with the rest of the team today and getting started with everything.


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