Missing in Action – but not really

babyRight now I am in the middle of planning for an international photojournalism trip. My wife and I leave next week for Prague, Czech Republic. We will be there shooting a project for a few days as well as visiting friends, then we will travel down to Budapest, Hungry for a few days to finish the project. We will finish our time back in Prague before heading home. It’s going to be two and a half weeks of non stop fun.

I am in an interesting place right now in my life as I am working on a M.A. in Intercultural Studies, trying to maintain photography and not having much time for anything else. At the same time, I have gotten to do some great shoots over the past few months that have been challenging and rewarding in so many ways.

The last time that I posted here I was talking about photographing children, it still isn’t something I have much experience in, but over the past few months I have had the opportunity to learn more about this. Recently I shot some Easter pictures for a family of a two month old. It was challenging and fun all the same.

My photojournalistic mind and background creates a challenge for me, I struggle with posing. I am more comfortable with the position of capturing what is happening and documenting a story through it. I find it more difficult to have to situate my subject and pose them. Now make that subject an active two month old and the world of possibilities comes alive. I love a challenge.

So I mentioned going back overseas. We are super excited about getting back to Europe. We will be working with The Upstream Collective, an organization geared to connect U.S. churhces with Europeans. We will be covering the media aspect of the trip compiling both stills and video. The trip will consist of several conferences we will be recording as well as doing a live webinar. We are super pumped about this trip and I invite you to join us in prayer as well as following along with us. More info on how you can follow along with come in a few days.

For more info on the trip check out Jet Set Vision Trips and The Upstream Collective