Humanitarian photography worldwide

Focus for Humanity - helping photographers to focus on Humanity

International humanitarian photography is my passion, that being said I wanted to take a second to share a website that I came across a few weeks ago that is focused on “providing grants to help photographers focus on humanity”

The website is Focus for humanity. The council of photographers representing Focus for Humanity consist of David DuChemin, Gavin Gough, Karl Grobl and others. What are they all about? “Our mission is to provide financial support, resources and training for professional and amateur photographers who capture these stories of our shared humanity and to help fund their work with NGOs.”

This is a great resource for anyone looking to enter into international humanitarian photography as they have grants for things like mentoring through the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers, connecting photographers with NGOs and helping potential professional photographers take the first step into their humanitarian photographic career.

My hope is, for anyone looking to transition or is already shooting in the humanitarian field of photography, that this foundation will be a great resource for you and that it will be a valuable tool as you seek to accomplish you passion to serve through photography.


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